Winter League


  • Available in-house Academy 2.0 Skills and drills training. Register here
  • Winter League will consist of All-Girls and All-Boys Divisions.
  • All participants will receive a full uniform for games, and a participation medal at the end of the season.
  • Trophies for 1st and 2nd place for each grade division!
  • Tournament Champion and Runner Up trophies will also be awarded.
  • Games will be held at the Air Conditioned and heated, Ladera Sports Center on Fridays.
  • Practices and Games may be held as early as 3 pm.
  • Coaches choose the practice days and times after draft night and will notify their players/parents shortly afterward.
  • Indoor practices at the Ladera Sports Center are offered, but NOT guaranteed.
  • Primary and/or additional practices may be held on outside courts at the coaches discretion.
  • All boys and girls teams kindergarten through 2nd grade may make requests in the requests field in the registration system.
  • Requests are considered ONLY for Kindergarten through 1st grade. Please write all requests in the “request” section when registering.
  • All-Star Teams and Tournament play.
  • WAIT list players will pay in full upon registration. We will contact you after the Draft Night if there is no availability for your player and refund you, in full, at that time. If there is room, you will be notified as to the team your player is on.

Don’t delay in signing up for the biggest and best LRNJB Winter Season yet! Space is limited, so register now!

Winter League Schedule

Times and dates are subject to change, referring to the website regularly for the most up to date information

Click here for your child's evaluation schedule
November 7WednesdayEvaluation Day I (Boys - K-2nd grade)
November 9FridayEvaluation Day II (Boys & Girls - 3rd-8th grade)
November 12MondayEvaluation Day III (Girls - K-2nd grade)
November 14WednesdayDraft Night I (Coaches Only)
November 15ThursdayDraft Night II (Coaches Only)
November 19, 20, 21Monday-WednesdayPractice
November 22, 23Thursday, FridayNo Games (Thanksgiving)
November 26, 27, 28Monday-WednesdayPractice
November 29, 30Thursday, FridayWeek 1 Games
December 3, 4, 5Monday-WednesdayPractice
December 6, 7Thursday, FridayWeek 2 Games
December 10, 11, 12Monday-WednesdayPractice
December 13, 14Thursday, FridayWeek 3 Games
December 15 - 30Winter BreakNo Practices, No Games
December 31 - January 4All-Star WeekAll-Star Practice + Games Only
January 7, 8, 9Monday-WednesdayPractice
January 10, 11Thursday, FridayWeek 4 Games
January 14, 15, 16Monday-WednesdayPractice
January 17, 18Thursday, FridayWeek 5 Games
January 21, 22, 23Monday-WednesdayPractice
January 24, 25Thursday, FridayWeek 6 Games
January 28, 29, 30Monday-WednesdayPractice
January 31, February 1Thursday, FridayWeek 7 Games
February 4, 5, 6Monday-WednesdayPractice
February 7, 8Thursday, FridayWeek 8 Games
February 11-15Bye WeekNo Practices, No Games
February 18, 19, 20Monday-WednesdayPractice
February 21, 22Thursday, FridayWeek 9 Games
February 25MondayEnd of Season Tournament
February 27WednesdayEnd of Season Tournament
March 1FridayEnd of Season Tournament

Winter League Evaluation Schedule

Evaluations, Wednesday 11/7
GradeLast NameCourtTime
Boy's KindergartenA - L83:00 PM
Boy's KindergartenM - Z84:00 PM
Boy's 1st GradeA - L53:00 PM
Boy's 1st GradeM - Z54:00 PM
Boy's 2nd GradeA - L13:00 PM
Boy's 2nd GradeM - Z14:00 PM
Evaluations, Friday 11/9
GradeLast NameCourtTime
Boy's 3rd GradeA - L34:00 PM
Boy's 3rd GradeM - Z35:00 PM
Boy's 4th GradeA - L36:00 PM
Boy's 4th GradeM - Z37:00 PM
Girl's 3rd & 4th GradeA - L44:00 PM
Girl's 3rd & 4th GradeM - Z45:00 PM
Boy's 5th GradeA - L64:00 PM
Boy's 5th GradeM - Z65:00 PM
Boy's 6th GradeA - L66:00 PM
Boy's 6th GradeM - Z67:00 PM
Girl's 5th - 8th GradeA - Z46:00 PM
Boy's 7th & 8th GradeA - L47:00 PM
Boy's 7th & 8th GradeM - Z48:00 PM
Evaluations, Monday 11/12
GradeLast NameCourtTime
Girl's Kindergarten - 2nd GradeA - Z84:00 PM
Draft Nights I & II – Coaches Only
Girl's 3rd - 4thTeam Nikos OfficeWednesday, 11/145:00 PM
Girl's 5th - 8thLRNJB OfficeWednesday, 11/145:00 PM
Boy's 3rdTeam Nikos OfficeWednesday, 11/146:00 PM
Boy's 4thTeam Nikos OfficeWednesday, 11/147:30 PM
Boy's 5thTeam Nikos OfficeThursday, 11/155:00 PM
Boy's 6thTeam Nikos OfficeThursday, 11/156:30 PM
Boy's 7th - 8thTeam Nikos OfficeThursday, 11/158:00 PM


The parents loved it. The proximity to our homes is unbeatable, and you see so many friends at the gym it’s like 3-dimensional Facebook.  Again, it’s a great service to this community.

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